Month of May one of the best times to buy new vehicles

Leading automotive sites tout three day weekends as one of the best times to buy a new car. 

Trusted sources such as Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book list three day holiday weekends such as Memorial Day weekend as one of the best times to buy a new car or truck. If you have been thinking about a new car, truck or SUV, this may be the best time for you to do so. Dealers will be offering special incentives and rates are still at an all time low but on the verge of rising. If you are considering taking advantage of these favorable factors, we recommend the following:

  • Apply ahead of time and get preapproved so you know what your credit score is and you don’t have to spend more time at the dealership than needed during their busy sale.
  • Do your research and possibly test drive in the weeks prior to the sale. Again, this will save you time when the dealership is at its busiest during the sales event.
  • Set a budget on how much you plan to spend.

We hope you have a happy Memorial Day weekend.