Re-up Your Personal Loan

Life happens pretty fast these days and when you need additional cash, you need it fast. Since you already have a personal loan that you are successfully paying down, we are offering you the opportunity to re-up your personal loan to the original amount. You will have the same rate, payments, and term, without us needing to pull your credit.

Once you submit your request, we will email you your new loan documents for you to sign electronically and once we receive the signed documents, we will deposit the funds into your savings account. Yes, it really is that easy.



Any member who has taken out a personal loan with Gulf Coast Educators FCU and paid down the original balance by at least $1,000, maintained good credit and payment history for the previous twelve (12) months has the option to obtain an increase in the existing loan balance with the same terms and conditions as the existing loan. For example, a Member who has taken out a $10,000 personal loan and paid the balance down to $5,000 shall have the option to receive an additional $5,000 deposited into his or her account, with the same finance terms as the original loan. Gulf Coast will not require a new credit check related to the amount of the loan increase, as long as the Member accepts the new amount on exactly the same credit terms as the original loan. If the Member wishes to seek a lower interest rate for the amount of the loan increase or any other changes to the credit terms, then a new credit check may be required. The amount of the loan increase may not exceed 100% of the amount of the original loan and this offer only applies to Members who have existing personal loans with a current balance. Gulf Coast Educators FCU maintains the sole discretion to approve any loan increases.