How to Win

Any member that has direct deposit2 to their GCEFCU account will be entered to win a cash prize in the amount of their direct deposit, up to $2,500. A winner will be randomly selected for September, October, and November, 2022. If you already have your direct deposit set up, you are already entered to win!

It’s your money, so get it faster with Direct Deposit

Getting paid has never been easier or faster with direct deposit. Our members that have direct deposit set up with us report getting their paycheck 1-2 days sooner than their co-workers.3 See how it works in the video below.


Setting Up Your Direct Deposit

Step 1: Click the button below and fill out the direct deposit switch kit form to receive a certified letter from us with your account and routing number. This is the information your payroll department will need in order to set up your direct deposit.

Step 2: Complete your employer’s direct deposit form. You will need to contact your employer’s HR department to receive the form. Attach this form and the certified letter you received from us and send to your employer’s HR department. They will take care of it from there!

Step 3: Review the Automatic Withdrawal Checklist to ensure that all of your automatic debits and bills are transferred over to your GCEFCU account.

Step 4: Once your direct deposit and all your automatic debits have been successfully moved over, you can close your old account at your previous financial institution.