With the Edie Audio Response System (281.487.4115) you can perform credit union transactions on your touch-tone telephone. Edie is the easiest and fastest way to access your account information. All you need to begin is your member number and an access code (PIN Number). Contact the credit union to be set up for Audio Response.

Key Features

  • 24 hour a day account access
  • Make balance inquiries from your savings, checking and loan accounts
  • Transfer funds between savings, checking and loan accounts
  • Place stop payment orders
  • Verify cleared checks
  • Change your own access code (PIN Number)

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Using a touch-tone phone call 281.487.4115 or 1.800.683.3863 option 2
  2. Now press 1 for account access or 2 for funds verification.
  3. Enter your member number followed by a pound sign (#).
  4. Enter your 4-digit access code. Same as your Online Banking PIN number.

Things to remember

EDIE Terminology

The following is some of the terminology you will hear on the EDIE system:

  • Member Number: This is your four to six digit GCEFCU account number. You do not need to enter the first two characters of your last name. Example: 123456
  • Access Code: This is your four digit EDIE PIN number. Example: 1234
  • Account Number: Each account has a unique numerical designation, see EDIE Tips below for more information.
  • Share Account: This is your savings account.
  • Share Draft Account: This is your checking account.


  • Press 9 to repeat the menu or * (star) to take you back to the previous menu.
  • Loans are designated by a number depending on the order in which you took the loan. For example, your first loan is designated by a 150 and your next loan is 151 and so on through 169 for all loans except Real Estate loans which are designated by 171.
  • For security reasons, the cross member transfer feature in EDIE has been removed. You can call the credit union and have cross member transfers set up for the eBanking system.

Accounts do not have a prefix. Your savings account is designated by a number 1, your checking is 5. Below is a list of account designations:
1 – Primary savings
2 – Additional Savings
3 – Additional Savings
4 – Additional Savings
5 – Primary checking
6 – Additional checking
7 – Advantage Checking Account