Save Smart – No Luck Required

Whether you are a long-time saver and looking for an account with the highest dividends, or just starting out, we can help you get the most from your money. GCEFCU offers savings accounts for every stage of life.

  • Basic Savings Accounts: Your Primary Savings Account opens your GCEFCU membership. You can also open Additional Savings Accounts if needed.
  • Term Share Certificates (CD): A Term Share Certificate (CD) pays a much higher dividend than a regular savings account. However, your funds are locked for a selected amount of time. With a CD, you have the option to earn even more money when you have multiple services with GCEFCU.
  • Money Market Accounts: A Money Market Account earns a higher dividend than a regular savings account, but not as high as a term share account. However, these funds can be accessed and are not locked for a period of time.
  • Retirement Accounts: Start saving for retirement with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Our Premium Market IRA gives the added bonus of earning a higher dividend that fluctuates with the market.
  • Youth Accounts: If you have kids, you can start saving for their future with a youth account. GCEFCU offers Sandy Saver Accounts (0-12 years old), Student Checking Accounts (13-17 years old), and a College Saver Certificate (0-17 years old).
  • Health Savings Accounts: Convenient and tax-advantaged, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) help offset high deductible health plans such as TRS ActiveCAre 1-HD.
  • Special Savings Accounts: If you need an easy way to help you save, we can help with that too with our Christmas Club Account and Dollar Up Savings Account.



Money Market Accounts

Looking for convenient access to your money while earning a higher dividend than a regular savings account and without being locked into a term? Then our Money Market account is the perfect answer. A minimum opening deposit of $100 is required with dividends paid on amounts greater than $2,500.

Term Share Certificates (CDs)

This is the highest earning account we offer at the credit union. Term Share Certificates, also known as CDs, are fixed-term investments that earn the highest rates without any risks. These investments are offered in terms from 3 months to 5 years with a minimum opening deposit of only $1,000.

Premium Market IRA

Our Premium Market IRA is a tax-privileged retirement savings plan that allows you to earn a higher dividend. The monthly dividend fluctuates, depending on what the market rate is, and is completely safe, secure, & insured – you won’t lose any money. Choose between Roth or Traditional, and let your money start working for you.

More Savings Tools You Can Use

Making money starts with making good money saving habits. At GCEFCU, we have several tools to help you along the way.

  • Dollar Up Your Savings – Every time you make a purchase using your Gulf Coast Educators debit card, your transaction amount is rounded up to the next dollar, and the difference is put into your new Dollar Up Savings account.
  • Set Up Direct Deposit – Use direct deposit to automatically put a portion of your paycheck into a special savings account.
  • Create Savings Goals – You can create savings goals and budgets within online banking. Monitor your progress and even set up text alerts.
  • Monitor Your Credit Report – Within online banking, there is a free credit monitoring tool called SavvyMoney. This will help you keep track of all your debts and make sure you are paying your bills on time.
  • Tax Advantaged Accounts – Take full advantage of tax savings with accounts like our Health Savings Accounts and Premium Market IRAs.


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