As of May 3, 2021

Membership Fee

No Charge

Teller Fees

$1.00 Money Order
$1.00 Cashier’s Check
$3.00 Visa Gift Card
$5.00 Reloadable Card
$5.00 Travel Card

Bookkeeping Fees

$5.00 Collection Fee
$25.00 Tax Levy Fee
$20.00 Stop Pay Request
$15.00 Wire Fee
$40.00 International Wire Fee
$2.00 Printout
$3.00 Check copy
$3.00 Statement Copy
$20.00 Returned Deposit Check Fee (self to self)
$5.00 Returned Deposit Check Fee (third party)
$5.00 Returned Loan Payment Check Fee
$5.00 Returned ACH Loan Payment Fee
$5.00 Non Member On-us  Check Cashing Fee
$30.00 Canadian Check Collection Fee
$25.00/hour Research Fee

Check Printing

Check printing fee – Price may vary depending on style
$1.00 Reject fee per check for MICR line problems associated with non-Credit Union purchased checks
$2.00 Temporary check fee for repeated requests
COST Return mail fee for non-deliverable check orders

Loan Fees

$10.00 Loan Extension
$50.00 Loan Refinance*
$25.00 Document Fee
$5.00  Online/Web payment
$10.00 Check by Phone

VISA Debit Card

$5.00 Additional or Replacement Card
$20.00 VISA Debit Card recurring transaction NSF Fee
$25.00 VISA Debit/Credit Card dispute denial Fee

Miscellaneous Fees

$1.50 Fax Fee
$3.00 International Fax
$0.25/page Copy fee
COST Overnight Mail
$5.00 Inactivity Fee – Accounts inactive for 1 year
$5.00 Mail Return Fee
$5.00 Non Member Notary Fee
$25.00 Online Transfer Return Fee

$25.00 Account closing fee if closed within1 year (no charge if death or disabled)

Safe Deposit Box Fees

$15.00 3 x 5
$25.00 3 x 10
$40.00 5 x 10
$75.00 10 x 10
$13.00 Lost Key
$115.00 To Drill Box
$50.00 Lock Replacement

Checking Account Fees

$0.00 Regular Checking Monthly Fee
$5.00 Advantage Checking Monthly Fee
Click here for Overdraft/NSF Fee Structure.

Money Market

$10 Excessive Transaction Fee (each)


The rates appearing in this Rate & Fee Schedule are accurate and effective for deposit accounts as of the date indicated above. The credit union does not charge members for notary service but does charge non members not more than the standard notary fee.

* Refinancing of real estate loans may incur additional costs for documents and fees charged by outside parties.