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Our contact center team will answer your calls and texts directly during business hours; you won’t have to work your way through a complicated phone maze. Members can also message us, send us an email or visit us in person.

Emergency Contact Information

For after hours account questions. Or, if you feel you might be the victim of account fraud. We can help you take responsive action.

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Our website is a great source of information and has the answers to most frequently asked questions.

ATM Locator

There is never a charge to use Gulf Coast Educators ATMs, but some other financial institutions impose fees called “surcharges” when you use their ATMs. Not nice. To avoid these fees, we’ve partnered with the Allpoint Nationwide Network. Look for one of the more than 55,000 Worldwide Allpoint ATMs for a “No Surcharge” ATM near you.

Fraud Alerts

Here you will find information about the latest frauds and how to avoid becoming a victim.

CTR Guide

Currency Transaction Report reference guide.