Appreciating the teachers in our lives

Teacher appreciation week is coming up and it is going to be strange one. It is usually a week when kids eagerly bring their teachers gifts that they either made or picked out. It is usually a week where our team has special events in the lobbies to recognize and honor our members who teach. It is usually a week where our business development team is on campuses hosting appreciation luncheons. It is usually a week where we celebrate outstanding teachers by announcing our Appreciated Teacher award winners.

This year things will be different. My wife is a part time teacher for a local school district, so I’ve seen firsthand how different school has been for this last month. She’s been busy rewriting curriculum to adapt it for online delivery and consumption. It is a major undertaking and she’s been so positive about it. I’ve seen her in countless online meetings with teachers and they’ve all been so positive and upbeat during this uncertain time. So, to my wife and all the teachers out there, you are truly appreciated.

Here are some ideas for appreciating the teachers in your life that can be done virtually:

  • Send an electronic gift card
  • Send an email with scanned in artwork
  • Send an email to your teacher with some heartfelt words to show them your appreciation
  • Use social media to find a teacher who made a difference in your life and try to connect with them
  • Have the kids make a video to share with their teachers

Now more than ever we need to show appreciation for those that have a positive impact on our lives.




Post author: Jamieson Mackay, CCUFC

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