Buying local always matters

Several years ago, as Chairman of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, one of my top priorities was a buy local initiative. Buy into Bay Area was our vehicle for letting area residents and businesses understand the importance of buying local. We expanded this beyond just buying local, we wanted people to think local. We expanded it to every facet of life including getting your education locally, volunteering locally, and playing locally.

Why buying local mattersshop local

Study after study can be found about the benefits to the community of buying local. Three of the biggest benefits are:

  1. Strengthening your community’s economy. Buying local means keeping money in your community. Buying from local small business has an even bigger impact and more of that money stays in the local area. A strong local economy attracts more services and businesses that benefit community members.
  2. Taxes. Local sales taxes help municipalities provide services and infrastructure to keep communities safe and functioning.
  3. Jobs. Local businesses provide jobs for friends and neighbors and cut down on the need to look for jobs outside of your community. Working in the community you live in can add to your quality of life and work-life balance.

Matters now more than ever

Given the struggles our local businesses face due to the pandemic and stay at home orders, buying locally means more now than ever. As a credit union, we are a local business and appreciate the loyalty of our member-owners during the good times and the bad. We try to use local resources whenever possible and have built some great relationships with local businesses over the years.

I encourage you to look to the local businesses that have provided your community with services and give them the opportunity to serve you as they reopen. It could mean the difference between that business being able to keep its doors open and your fellow community members employed.





Post author: Jamieson Mackay, CCUFC

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