Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection is available to all members at no cost. In the event that you overdraw your checking account, we will automatically transfer available funds from your savings account to your checking to cover your purchase amount and keep your account from going negative. Think of it as your own personal safety net.

Courtesy Pay

If you overdraw your checking account and do not have any funds to overdraft from your savings, Courtesy Pay kicks in. Courtesy Pay will automatically approve any bill payments, checks, or ACH transactions up to $250 for regular checking accounts, and up to $750 for advantage checking accounts. This will help you avoid any declined bill payments or return check fees. To have your ATM and every day debit card transactions covered as well, you will need to opt in by submitting the form below.

Remember – For every overdraft occurrence, you are charged an Overdraft/NSF fee. View fee amounts and full details below.

To have your ATM and everyday debit card transactions covered by Courtesy Pay, please opt in by completing the form below.