First-Year Teacher Advice

Teaching is hard. Being responsible for shaping the young minds of our future generations is a daunting task. And when it’s your first year, you may be overwhelmed with everything – from lesson plans to seating charts, to that one kid that just won’t listen. So we’ve gathered some advice from experienced teachers who know a thing or two about what is important in a classroom.


The first year is always the hardest

The first year is the hardest!! Hang in there!
Aimee Frederick Elder

Give yourself a break. You’re doing to make mistakes and it’s going to be ok! You’ll probably even cry at least once but you’ll get through it and remember the first years always the hardest!


Make your rules known from the very beginning

You can always ease up on the rules later on, but it’s really hard to set boundaries AFTER the fact.
Lindsey Kang

Be strong and consistent the first week, focus on getting to know the kids…they matter above the scores.
Alicia Hilliman

Be consistent. Set clear expectations. Don’t bring work home every day and make sure to take time for yourself!
Kristena Stokes


Try not to sweat the small stuff

If it all seems like things are not going right, just step back, breathe and keep your focus. You are going to make mistakes and that is okay as long as you learn from them to make it better later. Stay positive and have fun!
Mark Gonzales

Patience. If you work in special education, have lots of patience. Not everything is going to go smooth at first. Schedules will change a million times. Learning new students and their ways is always the hardest but as long as you are patient and willing to learn each student individually every day. You will be just fine. Trust me I’ve been in the game for 9 years already. Lol. Patience is key.
Carlos Torres III


Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! The first year is challenging and you will get overwhelmed, but it will get better!
Jessica Thomas

Pray, accept help, support from your family, friends, and co workers. It takes a village to mold, teach, support students and parents. Manage your time and take time for yourself. Eat healthy, take your extra vitamins, pamper yourself, and BREATHE!
Oralia Balderas


Take time for yourself

Don’t forget to take time for yourself. The papers can wait but your well being can’t.
Stephanie Vincent Blondeau

Family first. Do not work late. Go home & spend time with your family. There is always work to do.
Kellie Jackson

Take care of yourself. Self-care is very important for your mental and physical health. Also, Throat-Coat Tea with a little lemon juice and local honey is fantastic for your tired voice and a little immune system boost.
Kelsey Burg-Fennell

If you are passionate about your calling, give yourself some self-care, cause you will need it to serve the students who deserve our attention.


Get to know your students

Get to know your students and welcome everyone of them with open arms. Plan one day at a time. Take care of your needs. Plan to take a full day off on the weekend so you will feel more rested and ready to go for the next week.
James David Turnage

Remember that every child is someone’s whole world no matter what the issues may be. Also, remember to be flexible. Nothing is ever set in stone.
Debbie Jones Hardy

Get to know your kiddos! Be genuine and true with them and they will love you endlessly.
Angela Diane Martinez

That sometimes students will teach you things you never knew about yourself.


Remember why you became a teacher

Never forget that many students think of their teacher as their hero and role model. Always remember to laugh and make memories!!! 🙂
Melisa Gonzales Evans

Every child has an untold story. Treat them as if one day they’ll choose YOU to share it with.
Jamie Smith Adamson

Any day you’ve shown up with a smile, you’ve made a difference – the rest will come in time! Hang in there.
Britt Elliott