Hurricane: Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane Emergency Preparedness

Texas Hurricane season is coming quick! June 1st starts the official return of hurricane season for Texas. Every year, we experience weather that could potentially put you at risk. Here a few tips that could prepare you for this season:

Emergency Supplies:

To be prepared for these potential catastrophic occurrences, the state of Texas advocates for your wellbeing, by designating a Tax-Free weekend for Emergency supplies. April 23-25, 2022, you will be able to purchase emergency preparation supplies without sales tax. You can find a list of items that qualify Here.

Evacuation Preparedness:

It’s always best to be prepared for the possibility of evacuating your area in case of a Hurricane. You can be prepared for this by having a “go bag” with clothes, medication, emergency supplies and food/water. It’s also wise to prepare mapped routes that you can take to evacuate.

Prepare your Home:

Secure and reinforce your windows, roof, and walls. Tie down any outdoor objects that may fly due to wind. If you can, take any items indoors. Consider the pros and cons for flood insurance. Also, make sure what your homeowners and wind insurance covers.

Alerts and Warnings:

It’s always a good idea to be signed up for your city’s local alerts and warnings. There are also NOAA weather radios that will keep you updated on all surrounding alerts. You can purchase these radios online and instore.

Important Document:

Always carry important documents with you when you evacuate. If you do not evacuate, be sure to put all important documents into a waterproof container. These documents include/not limited to, birth certificates, social security cards, insurance cards, financial documents and all other documents that may be important to you.

Emergency Contacts:

It’s recommended that you have an out of city or out of state contacts in case you must evacuate. It’s always good to have updated contact information for your work, school, doctors, and non-emergency personnel. This will help you in case you have to contact these people with ease during the emergency.

Remember to consider all recommendations of your local authorities.

Post author: Kayce Barajas

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