Not your father’s back to school time

This should be one of the busiest and most exciting times of year for our credit union. Back to school time represents a whirlwind experience for our team where the entire management team and other team members attend countless back to school and new employee events with giveaways and door prizes. It was so much fun!

Thanks to our members

A special thank you to our members who work in the school districts for putting students first. This year teachers have put in way more time than normal during the summer with professional learning. My wife, for example, has had to write curriculum for in person and online learning. Special trainings to shore up online learning have been mandated. Administrators have spent the summer trying to make sure school can open safely. Teachers and school employees have a lot of uncertainty about whether they’ll be teaching online or in person, but they all have one goal – make sure they connect with their students and help them learn in the safest way distancing classroom

Back to school shopping change

There’s no doubt that back to school shopping has changed this year. For those who’ve selected to have their children attend online, the back to school shopping list will look very different than it did last year. Switching from pencils and notebooks to laptops and tablets means back to school shopping may be more expensive than ever. For those who have decided to go back to brick and mortar, there will be additional supplies such as sanitizer and masks. Furthermore, the big annual back to school shopping event has been pushed back with news that most schools are starting online, even if you choose the brick and mortar option. The tax-free weekend will still take place August 7-9 with social distancing measures in full effect at retail stores.

Need our members’ help

The old saying that if you aren’t growing, you’re dying seems so appropriate right now for most organizations. New members are the credit union’s life blood and the way we grow stronger as a membership-based organization. We need our members help more than ever to help us reach the new teachers and help grow our membership base.

Yes, the 2020 back to school time is certainly not the way it used to be, but we see how our school districts are rising to the challenge. We see how caring the employees of school districts are and how focused they are on taking care of children.







Post author: Jamieson Mackay, CCUFC

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