Secured Loans

Needing some extra cash or trying to build your credit? A secured loan may be your perfect answer. These types of loans require collateral, such as money you already have saved in a CD, and have a lower interest rate than your regular unsecured loans. Check out the types of secured loans your credit union offers below:

Certificate Secured Loan: A Certificate Secured Loan uses the funds from a Term Share Certificate (CD) that you have at the credit union as collateral for your loan. This is a great way for young adults to build credit for the first time, without being charged a high interest rate.

Share Secured Loan: Share Secure Loans work similarly to Certificate Secured Loans, except it uses funds in your savings account as collateral.

Title Loan: If you have paid off your vehicle and have the title, you can use it as collateral for a Title Loan. This is a great option for those needing cash at a lower interest rate. If you are interested in a Title Loan, please call the credit union at 281-487-9333.

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