Margaret Meadows- Brazosport ISDMargaret Meadows
Ms. Meadows is currently principal at Velasco Elementary and Lanier Middle school both located within Brazosport ISD. She has been in education for the last 24 years and her staff and colleagues commend her for the wonderful job that she is doing. Not only is she running two campuses with over 300 students on each, but she has never stopped being a supportive or compassionate leader for her faculty and staff. One would best describe her as a “true leader, listening to her teachers, respecting their professionalism and also always making sure that the student’s best interest is the number one priority as a campus”. Under her leadership, she has helped her campus transform from one that needed improvement to score overall well with the state in a short amount of time. Her tenacity has allowed her to lead both of her campuses with grace and determination which has raised the overall morale on her campuses. If you would like for Margaret Meadows to win please remember to vote for her.

Juan Nava- Lamar CISDJuan Nava
Mr. Nava is the principal of Terry High School in Lamar CISD. He has been in the education industry for more than 26 years and continues to thrive as an exceptional leader for his faculty and staff. He received a total of twelve nominations, and his staff is so appreciative of all the work he does for their students and campus. As a “hands-on” leader you can often find him cleaning cafeteria tables, sweeping, and doing whatever needs to be done to assist the custodial staff in between lunches so that students have a clean and sanitized place to eat lunch. Additionally, he is on the sidelines at the football games, in a faculty meeting, or watching the school band perform, his passion for education is apparent through all his actions. Despite the challenges faced because of the pandemic, Mr. Nava continued to be there for his staff to guide them and support them through those tough transitional times. If you would like for him to win remember to vote for him.

Christine Coppedge- Pasadena ISDChristine Coppedge
Mrs. Coppedge is the principal at Williams Elementary in Pasadena ISD and has been principal at that campus since 2018. She is always thinking of what is best for her staff both in and out of the classroom. She provides them with the best resources and training that she can so that they can provide quality instruction for the students on her campus. She also makes them feel appreciated through her kind gestures such as delivering ice cream to their classroom doors, taking them lunch, tea, slushies, and leaving them positive notes to lift their spirits. Since she became the principal at Williams, the school has grown in many positive ways: academically, environmentally, through positive relationships, improvement of building, etc., she is a leader that cares about students and faculty, she is always there for everyone. If you would like for Ms. Coppedge to win remember to vote for her.

David “Mac” McConnell- Dickinson ISDDavid McConnell
Mr. McConnell is the principal of the alternative campus in Dickinson ISD. Since he stepped into his role this year as principal, he has made several positive changes on his campus. He makes it a point to connect with his staff, continuously reminding them that they are a TEAM and each person plays an important role on campus. Additionally, he takes the time to personally meet, talk with, and encourage all students. He goes above and beyond to make sure they are getting their needs met and develops a mentoring type of relationship with them. During the pandemic which has been difficult for both staff and students, he’s offered support and guidance to help everyone out and do what is best for all. His staff really values all the hard work he does and is apparent in the morale seen on campus and the way that he leads. If you want to help Mr. McConnell win remember to vote for him.


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