Ahoy!Savings Accounts for Kids - Crab

This is a fun savings club just for kids 12 years of age and under. As club members, kids become inspired to save by being rewarded with cool prizes. Then money saving becomes a skill for their future – like when they’re saving for that first “mussel” car or “sand castle.”

Savings Accounts for Kids

  • Kids up to 12 years of age qualify to open a Sandy Savers Club Account – a real savings account just like grown-ups have.
  • Fill up your Sandy Saver Punch card by making five deposits of $10 or more, once your card is full, you’ll be able to pick a cool prize.
  • Open an account with an initial deposit of as little as $10 by any child whose parent or grandparent is a member of Gulf Coast Educators.
  • Members receive a really cool Sandy Savers Account card.
  • Web page just for our Sandy Saver members.
  • And lots more!


Join Sandy’s Crustacean Nation of Savers Today!

Ready to dive in? All you need is the child’s social security number and $10 to open the club account. Sandy Savers Kids Club accounts are opened jointly with a parent, grandparent or legal guardian, and require the join owner’s signature. It’s just a simple legal claws.

Start encouraging your family’s future generations of penny pinchers to join the Sandy Savers Club today. You can open your Sandy Savers Kids Club account online by clicking the button below. See full rates and disclosures by clicking here.


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