Tips for saving at the grocery store

groceriesDuring the pandemic, most of us are eating out less than we did before. While I encourage everyone to remember your favorite local restaurants and support them, most of us have noticed our grocery bills being up. Here’s some of my tips for saving money at the grocery store:

Clip Coupons

It’s 2020 and clipping coupons means something way different than it did 10 years ago. Your grocery store of choice no doubt has an app where you can clip the groceries and add it to your account so they are automatically applied at check out.

Make a List

Shopping with a list is essential for saving money. If you don’t have a list, those impulse buys become more frequent and the next thing you know, your cart is full of stuff you didn’t even come to the store for. I put my list in my Kroger app because then my wife and I both see the same list. The best part is, the app arranges the app by aisle so it makes my shopping faster.

Stock Up

Certain types of items go on sale each week so I tend to stock up. For example, in the meat section, one type of meat will go on sale and all cuts of that type of meat will be cheaper. When pork goes on sale, it usually means that the loins, chops and ribs are all on sale so I am able to buy different cuts and store them in the freezer. The same applies to veggies and fruit but they are more difficult to keep fresh for any length of time.

Buy Store Brand

I’ve had really good luck with buying generic or store brand items from Kroger and HEB. Not only do both stores have good generic alternatives for everyday items, but they both have a line of gourmet items that are worth a try and usually less expensive than a national brand. Not all generic items are worth the savings though. My wife will never let me live down one generic purchase made 20 years ago. I made the mistake of buying a generic version of Velveta for queso and apparently will never live it down.

What are your go to tips for saving at the grocery store? Everyone loves a deal so sharing the deal is part of the fun.





Post author: Jamieson Mackay, CCUFC

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