Vacationing on a Budget!

Summer vacation is near!

We understand that times are hard with the rising gas prices. Going on a full vacation may not seem feasible to you. Never fear! I’m going to show you tips and tricks to help you have a great summer vacation!


Sit down and find a definite amount of money you can comfortably put aside for summer fun. There will always be something fun to do within your budget. Whether it is going to a park or exploring your city.

Ways to save on Gas:

You can download apps that can show you the best prices for gas in your area. Some popular options are Upside, GasBuddy and Waze. Use cash or a rewards credit card from GCEFCU. You can get a cash price at the pump or earn rewards points that you can use later. Carpooling can be beneficial if you don’t want to waste gas. If those don’t work for you, make sure you have the correct tire pressure, you don’t idle too long and take any unnecessary weight off your car. You can also look into public transportation in your area.

Food Budget:

If you are going out of town, try not to spend money on eating out the whole time. You can get breakfast and lunch at nearby grocery stores to save a little bit of money. If you are out of town, try to find a place to stay out that has a kitchen. Some hotels and renting from AirBNB offer kitchen options.


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Post author: Kayce Barajas

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