Vehicle Service Agreement Options

Get the most out of your coverage. With five levels of coverage, our protection offers affordable options to ensure your vehicle is protected against costly mechanical and electrical repairs.

Additional Benefits

Vehicle with average price of repairs at retail rate for parts & labor.
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
  • Manufacturer Deductible
  • Mechanical First Air
  • Tire, Delivery, Battery, Locksmith, and Towing service
  • Substitute Transportation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Key Fob Coverage
  • Dent & Windshield Repair

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Adding Protection

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*Restrictions & limitations may apply. Please see contract for complete details. Please refer to your Vehicle Service Agreement for a more comprehensive list of what’s covered with your plan options. Parts pricing listed in illustration is based on average of actual repairs at a retail rate for Parts & Labor. Actual repair costs may vary by repair facility, vehicle, and location. Warranty products are provided and administered by SWBC and not guaranteed by the credit union. If warranty is not purchased at the time of loan funding, member must wait a minimum of 30 days before adding a warranty to their loan.