Setting up your Direct Deposit Switch Kit

Step 1: Fill out the direct deposit switch kit form below to receive a certified letter from us with your account and routing number. This is the information your payroll department will need in order to set up your direct deposit.

Step 2: Complete your employer’s direct deposit form. You will need to contact your employer’s HR department to receive the form. Attach this form and the certified letter you received from us and send to your employer’s HR department. They will take care of it from there!

Step 3: Review the Automatic Withdrawal Checklist to ensure that all of your automatic debits and bills are transferred over to your new account.

Step 4: Once your direct deposit and all your automatic debits have been successfully moved over, you can close your old account at your previous financial institution.


Direct Deposit Authorization

Direct Deposit Authorization Request

Automatic Withdrawal Checklist

Automatic Withdrawal Checklist

Direct Deposit Switch Kit ChecklistTo move your automatic payments and debits to your new GCEFCU checking account, most companies allow you to change your debit information through online access. You will need to provide the companies with your checking account number and the credit union’s routing number, which is 313087286.

You may also cancel your existing automatic payments and set them up through your free GCEFCU Bill Pay account through online banking. To ensure that you transition all of your existing accounts, you can use the checklist below to compare with your previous account’s statements of withdrawals.



  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Electric Company
  • Gas Company
  • Water Company
  • Cable, Internet, & Phone Service
  • Auto, Home, & Health Insurance
  • Gym Membership
  • Any Loans (Student Loans, Vehicle Loans, Personal Loans, Credit Cards)
  • Monthly Subscriptions (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, SiriusXM, Spotify, etc.)
  • Misc. Items (Apple Wallet, Paypal, Information Stored Within Mobile Apps, etc.)


Printable Automatic Withdrawal Checklist & Bill Pay Information

Closing Previous Account

Closing Your Previous Checking Account

Once your reoccurring debits and direct deposit have been moved from your old checking account at your previous financial institution, you may request to close your account. Each institution has different procedures for closing accounts, but you may fill out the form at the link below and send to your previous institution to request to close your account. Once this is complete, your direct deposit switch kit is done!

Account Closure Form