Teacher Appreciation


We love teachers. We wouldn’t be who we are without our teachers. Join us each day during Teacher Appreciation Week from 3:30 PM to close for giveaways and let us show our appreciation. Each branch will have something each day. This is the schedule for our main office in Pasadena.

teacher appreciation

Take Time to Thank a Teacher

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4th-8th and for us at Gulf Coast Educators FCU, it has special meaning. We really do appreciate the teachers for being such loyal members. We’ve bucked the trend and have remained true to our roots: serving the financial needs of teachers & employees of school districts.

It has further meaning for many of our employees who have family members in the teaching profession. We have several on our management team who have spouses or children who teach. So we hope you join us and honor those who teach our children.

A couple of years ago during teacher appreciation week, I visited my high school’s website and found that a few of my influential teachers were still there. I sent them a quick e-mail to let them know how influential they were and thanked them for believing in me. So just in case they see this, thank you Harriet Reap for instilling confidence in my writing skills and Lorraine Day for believing in my leadership ability and nurturing that. I invite you to do the same and track down a teacher who has meant a lot to you and let them know. They will certainly appreciate it. I know Mrs. Reap & Mrs. Day did.

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