Vacation travel changed for years to come?

My family loves to travel and each summer we look forward to a big trip. We make travel a priority each year and set up savings goals to make sure we can pay for our trips. We usually begin planning early in the year and try to have all the details squared away by the end of March. That was the routine each year until this year. Obviously, travel and especially international travel, have come to a grinding halt this summer. Travel is all about making memories. As our kids get older, the chances to make those memories become more precious so we are changing how and where we get away to.

Vacation home rentals

With all that’s going on with the pandemic, we decided that renting a home and social distancing from others still allows us to get away and enjoy a change of scenery. This summer we decided to stay close to home and only go to destinations in the great state of Texas. We’ve enjoyed a stay at the beach and a visit to a small Texas town known for ice cream.

Vacation home ownership

Depending on how long this pandemic lasts, I’ve genuinely considered purchasing a vacation home. If we have to work from home or go to school from home, a vacation home would help make that a different experience and offer the chance to mix business/school with pleasure. I suspect that properties will become increasingly more difficult to find as this pandemic drags on, but it would be nice to have a place to go on weekends to break up the monotony of pandemic life. With historic low mortgage rates, the timing has never been better to take on a mortgage.

RV or travel trailer

Another option I’ve considered is a travel trailer or RV. Many of my coworkers have them and they all enjoy weekend getaways to camp grounds within a short drive from the Houston area. There seems to be a comradery they share with other campers that gives it a sense of community. Camping seems to be another one of those activities that lends itself well to social distancing. RVs can be pricey but travel trailers can be very affordable both on price and financing.

Deals on hotels and airfare

For those brave enough, the travel industry is enticing travelers with some of the lowest prices and flexible cancellations seen in years. There are many places around the world like Orlando, Las Vegas and cities in Europe where the entire economy is based on visitors traveling and staying there. I would suspect that there will be a quick push to find ways to make travel safe to those destinations and put potential visitors at ease.

No matter which option I go with, it’s all about making memories with loved ones. Things that are out of the norm are the easiest to remember and I think that is what appeals to me about travel. Hopefully, things will get back to normal sooner rather than later but in the meantime, I wish you safe and happy travels.





Post author: Jamieson Mackay, CCUFC

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