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Online Banking Help


Using the Online Banking system

Once you are logged into the Online Banking system, you can navigate your way around by using the drop down menu as shown below. We have provided a brief description of the features available under each drop down option.

First Time you log in or if your account was reset and are registering again:

Step 1. Click the “First time users click here” link or the Enroll Here button depending on whether you are accessing it directly from our website or the online banking server. This will direct you through some informational screens including the disclosure you need to agree to in order to register

Step 2. Enter in your Account Number, PIN and the Random Security Code in black in the box and submit. This will take you to the disclosure where you will set up your questions.Step 3. Enter in your Challenge Questions and corresponding Answers. These should be questions and answers that only you know and can not be easily guessed. Also, we recommend entering your own and not using the existing questions. To finish, enter a Security Key (a word that you select that will be converted to an image to identify us to you), and your email address.


Subsequent Logins:

Step 1. Enter your username. (not case sensitive)

Step 2. If device is registered, skip to Step 3. Otherwise, answer your Challenge Question.


Optionally, you can also register your computer by selecting remember me (this places a unique secure cookie on your device that identifies your device to the authenticating server). Note: your browser settings must allow cookies for this action to take effect.

Glossary of Terms


Authentication Questions and Answers
The first time you access the system, you will be asked to create three sets of questions and answers using information known only to you. You will be asked one of these questions at random on a subsequent sign in if you haven’t registered that computer during a previous session with Gulf Coast Educators FCU, or if you’ve deleted cookies from your browser.

Security Key
When you access the system for the first time, you’ll be prompted to create a Security Key consisting of a word and/or numbers. On each future sign in, you will need to verify that the Security Key you created is the one on display before you submit your PIN. This feature gives you verification that you are at our site and not at a copycat site. It also lets you know that you can safely enter your PIN. Your Security Key will also display on pages containing your account information.

Software Credential (The Remember Me option)
After your initial login, you will be asked if you would like to have the device remembered for future logins. Once registered, a software credential is added to your system which identifies you on future logins, so you won’t be asked an authentication question. The software credential expires after 90 days. To renew the credential, answer the authentication at login and register you computer with Online Access.

You can de-register your computer at any time, or you can register multiple computers, such as home and work. If you delete cookies from your browser, you will also delete your software credential.

Tips to simplify your Online Banking experience

Tip 1. Use your own questions and keep them as simple as possible. Some examples include:

How many children?
A child’s middle name
In what city did I meet my spouse?

If using numbers in the answers, use the digit and don’t spell it out. Try to keep your answers to one word without special punctuation.

Tip 2. You can change your questions and answers at any time by selecting Authentication Questions under Options on the drop down menu while logged in. You can also change your Security Key by selecting Member Info under Options.

Tip 3. Register your home computer so that it won’t ask the security questions.

Tip 4. If you get locked out of your account and the standard questions keep repeating, call the credit union during business hours. After hours, you can send an e-mail and we’ll reset it. We check e-mail after hours and on weekends and will try to restore your access when possible. If you simply cannot remember the answers to your questions, we can reset the account so that you have to completely register again with new questions.

What if I forget my Password or my Challenge Question answers and get locked out?
Feel free to call us at 281-487-9333 and we can reset your session.